Evangelist Billy Sunday

Born in Ames, Iowa, Billy Sunday became a professional baseball player with the Chicago White Sox. Shortly after being Saved through the outreach of the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, Sunday turned down a $400 per month baseball salary (at a time when the average worker made $480 per year) for a $84 per month ministry position. He advocated a strict morality and campaigned effectively for Prohibition. Billy conducted hundreds of revival meetings and reached an estimated 100 million people.

"Take 15 minutes each day to listen to God talking to you; take 15 minutes each day to talk to God; take 15 minutes each day to talk to others about God."






1 Booze

2 The Need For Revivals

3 He That Winneth Souls is Wise

4 Atonement Through the Blood of Jesus

5 Backsliding

6 Why Delay Your Real Conversion?

7 Broken Down Altars

8 Old Time Religion

9 Spiritual Food for a Hungry World

10 Teach Us to Pray

11 The Second Coming of Christ

12 Theater, Cards and Dance

13 Under the Sun

14 Wonderful

15 Show Thyself a Man

16 Gethsemane

17 Motherhood

18 The Devil's Boomerangs

19 The Curse of Liquor!

20 The Curse of the Saloon

21 What Shall I Do Then With Jesus?

22 The Moral Leper

23 Get On The Water Wagon 1908

24 Mother's Sermon

25 The Three Groups

26 The Second Coming

27 What Shall The End Be Of Them That Obey Not The Gospel Of God

28 The Faultless Christ

29 Defense Of Revival

30 Nuts For Skeptics To Crack

31 Heaven

32 God's Detective

33 Home, Sweet Home

34 Safety First In America

35 Repentance

36 Christ's Atonement For Our Sins

37 Knocking At The Heart's Door

38 Need Of Revival

39 Some Men Have Religion Only In Their Private Life

40 Backsliders In The Church

41 The Miracles Of Jesus

42 The Hour Is Come

43 Belshazzar's Feast

44 A Mother's Sermon

45 Why Could Not

46 He That Winneth Souls Is Wise

47 The Effectual Fervent Prayer Of A Righteous Man Availeth Much

48 Wonderful - Version 2

49 What Must I Do To Be Saved

50 Prayer

51 Whatsoever Things Are True, Think On These Things

52 Micaiah

53 Is It Well With Thee

54 The Rainbow Of Hope

55 Heaven - Version 2

56 Get On The Water Wagon 1915

57 Where There Is No Vision

58 The Incarnation Of Jesus








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