When good Christian people first came to me and said: why don't you write a story about little Baby David Douglas' life, I couldn't help but tell them that his little life wasn't going to be made public. First place we loved him too much, and I, for one, wanted to forget all about his (Baby David Douglas) terrible past.

    Then one day, a good Christian boy (Don Williams of Bob and Don) and a very good friend of ours, but most of all a servant of God's, though he hasn't been called to preach God's Word, is doing a wonderful work for our Lord and Savior by singing and Testify in song on Bob and Don's radio programs on WIBK in Knoxville, Tennessee, said to Bro. Swafford, did you know if you were to write your baby's life story it may be the means of keeping some Mother's Child or hardened sinners from plunging into outer darkness. You recall when Jesus told his Disciples a little child shall lead them.

    A few days later Brother Swafford spoke to me about writing the story of our Little Darling's Life. He (Brother Swafford) reminded me that most of all in this life we were out working for our Lord. Trying to point the Lost to Jesus who taketh away all sins from one's present life. That if by chance through his little baby life Christian people would get burdened and broken hearted over their Lost loved ones, some unsaved person would read his story (Baby David Douglas) and get under conviction perhaps it wouldn't be made public in vain.

    Our prayers are that you, dear friends who are called by God's name, would only humble yourself and pray earnestly for your Lost Loved Ones, show them you love Jesus, the one that lifted you up out of your sins, that they may really see who you are serving. Pray for your friends and neighbors that are out in sin; talk to some lost soul this day. Tell them Jesus died for all sins.



By David Douglas Swafford


    May God's blessing be with everyone who reads this little booklet. You can see from the pictures, I am just a baby boy eleven months old. No doubt many are thinking it strange for a baby to write its life story. Perhaps by the time you have read to the very last pages you will understand why God has laid it upon me so heavy to write this story. Won't God's people please pray as you have never prayed before, that my life's story will touch the very hearts of men and women both young and old, from the RICHEST to the POOREST, who are now taking that broad road leading them on down to destruction. Pray they may see that Satan has bound them in sin; as he is like a roaring lion, running to and fro on this earth, seeking to devour the very souls of every man he may. At the end of that broad road is eternal pain and woes in that everlasting lake of fire. If they don't turn from their wicked ways and be born again, accepting Jesus the Saviour of this world into their hearts and lives, that they might see all the pleasures they believe now are good times and fun in this world are just paper and will one day pass away in that Great Judgment.

    Forgive me! I've forgotten to tell you, since I am just eleven months old, Mom-Mom is going to write this for for me and explain as much as she possibly can about my baby self. No one out there in this old world will ever realize how much I did suffer, pain, agony and almost sure death, because Satan bounded into SINS of this world the very one that should have been the nearest, dearest, sweetest person upon this earth to me. That person was my MOTHER.

    I was born in Albany, Kentucky, some time on the 4th of January of this year (1950); as far as anyone can recall that is the known date. Even now my real name given me at the hour of my birth is still unknown. Looking back to that date, January 4th, 1950, when I first made my appearance into this present world, I realized now Mother never wanted me. She hated and despised my little body. There is no doubt in my mind she would liked to have done away with me right then and there, like so many other Mothers are doing to innocent little babies these days. Never once did she pick me up into her arms and kiss me or cuddle me in loving affection, nor tell anyone that I know of how she thanked God for sending me to her. Instead, I laid in a dirty little crib unwanted and unloved, while Mother went out and had what she called a good time, leaving little Sister and me at home uncared for.

    Sometimes there wasn't even any heat to keep us warm. I recall one wintery night last winter we got pretty hungry, then cold—till sister and I became so cold and hungry that we begin to cry. We cried for someone to Please come and feed us and get us warm again until we got so weak that I forgot all bout my little Sister and her cries; as I began to feel tingy all over my little hungry body until I was so awful sleepy, when a man came in and found us already turning blue from cold. He was nice to us, he went to get someone to watch us until he could find our Mother. Later on I found out that this good man was the Sheriff who was to come back into my life again a little later on.

    He was gone for some time when he brought Mother back with him. He gave her a good talking to after finding her alongside of a far off back road with a bunch of boys in a car. There they all were laughing and having a good time together; while at the house little Sister and I would have frozen to death that night if God hadn't sent us help when he did. Sheriff tried in a humble way to explain to Mother that her duty was to take care of us little babies instead of running around town with all sorts of boys and drinking like she was doing. No doubt the Sheriff would have put Mother in jail right then only he figured giving her a good talking to would straighten her up a bit, and she would treat us more like Sweet Darling babies should be treated. Instead Mother resented us more than ever. She began to scheme how to do completely away with us, because she had fallen in love with some man who told her if it wasn't for us (Sister and I), he would marry her.

    If we thought the days before were terrible ones, well, you should have seen them from then on. Those were really nights of hunger and torture. You good people that no doubt will be reading this, have you ever had to miss a few meals? If so, you will remember how hungry you became after missing about the third meal, imagine in your minds days of just enough to keep one barely alive, until your body and skin began to shrink and wither away. Day after day, night after night, hunger pierced me from within. The agony and torture I suffered, for just a few sips of warm milk, with no one to want me nor care how miserable my little starved body began to feel. I'd lay sometimes too weak to cry or move after hours of crying from pain, wishing Mother would hurry and come to see about me. In my baby mind thoughts would come to me: what was going to become of this little, old dried up body of mine? Wasn't there anyone to love me or want me? Why! Oh why didn't help come?

    Faintly somewhere in that misty fog I can remember the woman that was my Mother leaving me in care of her younger sister, around the age of fourteen Several days must have passed by in that big white house. Still she never returned to take care of us babies. Are you people beginning to wonder whatever became of my Grandparents that had owned the big white house where little Sister, my young aunt, and I were now at? It's so hard for me to continue to write this! As it grieves my heart to think how this world is reeling and rocking in SIN. How good Christian people have had to suffer persecution in this life; while our Government stands back not so much as lifting a hand to stop all these Hell holes from selling that damnable soul-wrecking alcohol. Instead, they are all sitting back licking their big fat chops and folding their hands, believing America is getting rich from the taxation off of the sales of legal whiskey and beer, that they are letting our country have abundantly, while the penitentiaries, jailhouses, asylums are getting filled with men, women, boys and girls because of that damnable stuff. Not counting the rapings (even of little baby boys and girls) going on throughout the land and country, murder on every hand; young men and women losing their virtuous life, causing babies to be born out of wedlock by the thousands each year. (Last year alone in America there was over 100,000 born out of wedlock), not counting the lives of us innocent babies taken at the hands of those drunken mad fiends. Why? Because wicked men said our country needed legal drinks, so the Government can have more money in its treasury.

Habakkuk: 2: Verse 15

15 Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!

    Yes God's Holy Words tells us how evil the world would get in these last days. How hell bath enlarged herself because of wickedness.

Isaiah 5: Verses 11-14

11 Woe unto them that rise up early in the morning that they may follow strong drink; that continue until night, till wine inflame them!
12 And the harp, and the viol, the tabret, and the pipe, and wine, are in their feasts: but they regard not the work of the Lord, neither consider the operation of his hands.

13 Therefore my people are gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge: and their honourable men are famished, and their multitude dried up with thirst.
14 Therefore Hell bath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiced, shall descend into it.

    Yes! Even though a baby, I know the Love of Money is the root of all evil. Because it took the life of my Mother's husband, put my Grandpa in the penitentiary and caused the death of my good Christian Grandmother, while it sent several of my young teen-age aunts to the girls' reformatory. Almost caused the death of us two innocent babies. How can the American people continue to set back and do nothing to help remove that despicable, damnable legal sales of alcohol here in America. Mom-Mom tells me America was founded on God several hundred years ago. Sometimes in my baby mind I wonder as I look back to that past life and recall all the heartaches there was in it. Still there seemed to be no one around to help do away with that stinking stuff—phooh. But Mom-Mom tells me that some day Jesus who is up in Heaven, will take us all who love Him up there with Him, and leave this evil corruptible wickedness in an everlasting lake of fire. I am certainly looking for that Great Glad Day to come. Aren't you, good Christians? (But you poor sinners that reject Christ and won't accept Him into your hearts, I feel so sorry for you; or do you believe my Saviour's hand is shortened and can't save you from that everlasting lake of fire. I wish I could give you my Jesus that took me away from all the evil life. Did you know you could escape sure punishment, by:
(Isaiah 1: verses 16-19 reads for you poor lost sinners)

16. Wash you, make you clean, put away the evil of your doings from before mine eyes, cease to do evil;

17. Learn to do well, seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

18. Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord; though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

19. If ye be willing and obedient ye shall eat the good of the land.

    Repenting, humbling yourself, believing upon the Lord Jesus Christ, with all your heart then confess Him with your mouth, Jesus loves you. He died upon cruel Calvary for all the SINS of this world. (Don't you love Jesus for all His great sufferings for you, Sinner Friends?

Romans: 10: Verses 9-11

9. That if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in shine heart that God bath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

10. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

11. For the scripture saith: whosoever believeth on Him shall not be ashamed.

    You're going to have to forgive me, friends. You know how us little babies are, first we do one thing or say one word, then the next minute, before you know it, we up and take everyone off guard with something else we do or say. Our little minds jump around from one thing to another. But I remember now, what I had intended to tell you about was my Grandparents. After you have read about their great tragedy you will understand why I tried to warn all these Poor Lost Sinners to give up those Sins of Satan arcs accept my sweet Jesus to their Souls.

    You people will have to return with me back to that terrible second World War. Most of you folks around here in Tennessee remember when Oak Ridge, Tennessee, first started its production work Almost everyone from around about for miles came here to work and labor. Into that working and labor group came my Grandpa (Mother's dad) to work. While he was working there, away from all his loved ones at home in Albany Kentucky, no doubt in my baby mind, he became lonesome and old Satan began to tempt him, saying, why don't you go up to the bar at the corner and mix with the rest of the crowd up there? Go on, have a good time, enjoy yourself, no use just sitting in that stuffy room night after night with no one to talk with. After awhile Grandpa, missing his home and loved ones, began to go to that bar up at the corner. He started out with a few drinks, then each time he would go to the bar, it wasn't long before he had a few more drinks, until—you could find Grandpa around some ungodly place where strong drinks were being sold all the time.

    While back in Albany, Kentucky, my Sweet Grandma would go to church, taking a part in trying to win the lost to Christ. She'd get down on her knees at the altar, and lifting her voice up to heaven, tears streaming down her cheeks, sne would pray for God to please heal Grandpa's soul and keep him away from that awful stinking strong drink. She would request Christian people to pray for her lost loved ones. Grandma had burdens on her heart, her husband (Grandpa) and her young girls, she wanted them to, enjoy this "Great Salvation," she could feel within her heart. Though happy in the Lord, her heart was broken for her family, she had seen her daughters beginning to drift away from under her care until it wasn't long before one of her young daughters began to come home with the odor of beer upon her. Poor Grandma tried talking to her about what she was doing to herself, when the young daughter kept up her drinking and coming home anytime she pleased, Grandma talked to Grandpa about the ways things in their home was changing since he had left and gone away to work. Grandpa laughed and called her (Grandma) old-fashioned—everyone was having a good time these days, and a drink or two wouldn't hurt any one. Before many months passed you could see daughter and father together some place in a Hell Hole drinking whenever he would come home on a stay.

    Then one day this young girl married at the age of sixteen or seventeen to a young man. (She later became my Mother). This boy was in the armed forces and would come visiting Mother every chance he could get away from his duties in the service. Wasn't many months henceforth till my little Sister made her appearance into their lives. She was a beautiful baby girl (folks tell me she always, even through all we suffered) stayed chubby. (You see Grandma always helped take care of her until those last few months, by that time she was old enough to go run to the neighbors' houses). They were always giving her something to eat or would watch her because she was so very sweet and they felt sorry for her. As time went on Mother's husband couldn't get away from his duties too often, so she would go with Grandpa and sometimes, I am told, with other young men. Then one time while Mother's husband was home for a short stay, the three of them, Mother, Grandpa, and her husband, went one night to one of those awful hell holes (the Drinking House over the way ) under the influence of strong drinks, Mother and her husband began to argue back and forth until Grandpa began to take it up, then in a fit of rage Grandpa killed—murdered— Mother's husband. Can you now see why I was trying to warn you drunkards, murderers, adulterers, and harlots that are now on that downward road. They took Grandpa off to jail. later to the dark cold cells of penitentiary FOR MURDER.

    Poor Sweet Grandma grieved herself almost to death in a few short days, then, while attending the funeral of her son-in-law the shock was too much for her to take and as they lowered his coffin into his chilly grave of death, Grandma dropped dead from a heart attack. Soul-grieven—Heartbroken, I am looking to meet her in heaven some glad day.

    You would think the girls left alone in this world would surely turn to God now, but Satan had them blind to reality. About four months later I made my appearance into this awful sinful soul wrecking mess. I've told you people if you remember, before about my Grandparents' disaster, about most of my short wretched life up till Mother deserted little Sister and I with our young fourteen year old aunt. The next three weeks seems more like a horrible nightmare, as I laid in that dirty little crib with just a few musty rags beneath me for a mattress I could feel my strength leaving my little baby starved body.

    I had now grown so weak from lack of attention that darkness revolved around me most of the time in those next three weeks. Once It seemed as if I could hear a baby crying in a far-off distance. Sounded as if it was my same age, only it was a strong, healthy baby cry. Another time it seemed as if the dark veil lifted long enough for me to realize we were not at my Grandparents' big white house any more, but in a little dark room. Why didn't someone please remove those small black objects flying all around me and over my little baby body. First they would swarm in a buz sound, then crawl all over me, stinging and biting. I felt so very sick and miserable. Did babies go to Torment? (I wondered), with my little starved eyes now just sitting in sockets. I began trying to figure out where I could possibly be, staring around in that dark room I noticed I was still in my little dirty, musty crib; only somehow I had gotten into this dark room and I couldn't seem to remember how. There seemed to be a smell of corruption hanging around in the midst of this room as if death could possibly be hovering near by. There were two beds, a chest of drawers, also a straight back chair. Each of these items seemed to be occupied by some person (leaving out the chest of drawers), a middle-aged woman was sitting in the straight chair. She looked like she must have been glued into some sort of chair for years the way she could move around in this one. Upon one of the beds laid a middle-aged man and to my horror I noticed all that was left of him was the top part of his body. Why, that man didn't have legs. Glancing towards the other bed my eyes gazed upon my big fourteen-year-old aunt, now curled up among some covers unconcerned about the whole situation. (My little Sister! Where was she?)

    Sounds of voices came in from the next room. People were talking back and forth. I tried to listen real close to hear what their conversation was about. They must be talking about me, I thought, as one voice was saying, "Yes, the county doctor was here last Saturday and looked in on the baby. Yes, he gave us a prescription to have filled out for him—told us if he didn't have the medicine he would be dead by this coming Saturday. This is now Wednesday morning (June 21, 1950); you've been in there and seen the condition Yourself that the baby is now in."

    "We certainly don't want him here when he dies. . . " Then I heard another woman starting to talk. This time I paid much more attention as I wanted to know what their plans were to do with my tired, weary baby body. I could hear this lady saying, (later found out she was a welfare woman and she had been really wanting to find someone to care for me): "We have been trying every place we know of to see if they wouldn't accept him in some institution, but seems as if we couldn't get that little baby in any of them." Somehow tears came into my starved, naked eyes as I thought there was no room in the hearts of men, to take a poor, sick, unwanted little baby boy. Then my thoughts went back to Jesus. When He came into this wicked, cruel world, there was no room in the Inn for Little Baby Jesus. He was born in a manger, and, like Mother had tried to do me, King Herod had tried to kill Little Baby Jesus—God's only begotten Son.

    While she was still talking, far off somewhere in a distance, seemed as if my baby ears could hear sweet music of harps, and the voices of angels singing softly; then a gentle voice speaking low: "I am the Lord thy God. My little rosebud from heaven, I've come to give new life unto you; your sufferings upon this earth from want of love and care will soon be over. I am sending servants your way to minister unto you. Instead of fading away like everyone here thinks, you will bloom into a beautiful full rose." Then a sweet peacefulness seemed to rest within my starved baby body. At last I knew God didn't intend to let this small starved undernourished little baby boy depart from off this earth without first knowing the true love of a Mother and Daddy.

    I knew now that I didn't really have to listen to any more of the conversation but as each word continued my little baby heart beat faster from sheer joy within. She was telling how, after all the institutions had refused to accept me, she had gone on over to the jail house and talked to that good Sister about my case and the problem of finding anyone softening up their hearts long enough to take me or want me. When this good Sister asked her if she would be willing to let a couple she knew of have me for their very own, how she had told this good Sister at the jail house anything that would help get my case settled would please her. As she had done all she knew to do, laying there now barely able to move because my right side was almost paralyzed from not having anyone to turn me to the other side. A weak feeling came sweeping over me once more, pains penetrated inside my little swelled up baby stomach, then I realized that I was having another attack of sickness. You see, folks, besides lack of nutrition, I'd taken a bad case of baby diarrhea while laying in a semi-coma. There seemed to come to me some knowledge of what Mom-Mom and Daddy were going to look and be like; that I'd overheard those women talking, was coming to take me away from all this.

    Mom-Mom seemed to be a short and medium weight woman with blondish-colored hair. There was a look of love and longing about her when I'd see her. I felt right then as if I could almost feel her holding me close in her arms, while Daddy was sort of medium height, stockily built with light brown hair (some might even call it blonde.) I could picture him of a nervous type because of being in that horrible World War II and he had been overseas, yet had a feeling he was a Servant of God. A stronger illusion told me he would be a preacher. While all these things pondered in my weak baby mind, there was a slamming of a car door, footsteps coming into the next room. Strange and familiar voices mingled together. Then a voice, though I had never heard it before, rang like sweet music in my ears as it spoke. "That isn't the baby there is it?" Sounded to me just somewhat disappointed in the other baby which I knew now must have been the one I'd heard crying one time. A voice spoke up, one which I had heard earlier that morning, telling about my new Mom-Mom and Daddy. It said, "No; in that room." I could hear the sound of several pairs of footsteps, then all of a sudden they came to a stop as if they had stepped into a room where the quietness of corruption mingled with death laid in this room. All had come to a stop—all but one pair. I could hear them coming nearer and nearer, as they kept approaching I could tell they were a woman's steps. As they kept advancing on to my little crib I couldn't help but wonder what reactions my new Mom-Mom would feel when she would see me. In the fractions of seconds that seemed like hours, I closed my eyes, a quick flash picture came into my baby mind at the sight she would behold; a little crib which in times past had been new and painted pink, now was broken in places and the paint mostly worn off. Inside that crib lay almost only the remains of a little baby boy, whose flesh had shriveled upon the bones, the body now drawn and twisted, a large head deformed from laying in one position, not able to turn, ears sticking out much too far from the head, hollowed eyes sitting in a pair of sockets, long thin arms and legs, now no bigger than the size of a man's thumb. Flies were swarming and eating on my sores where the odor of corruption was coming from. With the steps coming nearer I prayed the only way a baby knows how, that my new MomMom would have compassion upon me. Perhaps if God would give me the strength to show how much I needed her love, she would pick me up and love me. The footsteps ceased coming towards me; I felt like my new Mom-Mom was now by the little crib, opening my starved, naked eyes, I looked into a face of remorse. There were tears streaming down her cheeks. I could see a deep love that only a mother could have for her sick baby. It felt as though an angel had come unto me, and placed a faint smile upon my lips to tell her how much I loved her. Then with the gentleness of only a mother's arms, she reached down into the crib and picked my little shriveled baby body up into her arms. Turning her back upon the other people, she held me close to her breast and I could hear her utter up a word of prayer. Then reaching down she took my little twisted right arm away from my ear, where it probably had lain for days, though it hadn't been washed, she put it up to her lips and kissed my honey baby hand. With a sigh of contentment I cuddled up as close as I could possibly get to my new Mom-Mom.

    You've seen a picture of my old life up to the time I was almost six months old. I was wretched, miserable and blind to the sweetness and goodness of this life up until June 21, 1950. Like a Sinner blind in darkness with Satan and all his devices to tear down the morality of America.

    The next five months of my life was like being born again, putting away the little old baby man and becoming a chubby fat little new born baby. I've a strange feeling that God has gotten a big work for me yet to do upon this earth is the reason why he spared this little baby boy. Inlet me finish telling you the rest of my story until God tells me enough is said about my life, and you will understand why I made that statement. My new parents took me out of that dark room, into a new light of this world. At first, seeing sunshine caused my weak eyes to get blood-shot and sore. There were several people in the car. With all the excitement it was some time before I could figure out some of the names and what took place after we left the little hut and went into a big building. Once inside that building, I saw beautiful women in white garments; for a while I thought perhaps this was all a baby's dream, and this was what heaven was like, and these beautiful ladies in white were angels. One told my Mom-Mom to take me into a small white room and to take my little dirty dress off me. While Mom-Mom was obeying they called a man to come in and look at me. Those ladies in white were so sweet and nice and didn't seem as if they noticed the holes a half inch deep between each rib or my baby body was dirty and had a decayed smell upon it. They made me feel proud of myself as they kept telling me how pretty I was and that I was going to be alright now. They called my Mom-Mom "Little Mother" and told her she could stay right there by my side. When that kind man came in to see me he talked so nice. I'd never had all this good treatment or attention everyone was giving me. After that man examined me, he said, in a voice full of sorrow, "Whose baby is this?" I can't imagine anyone here in Albany doing anything like this to a helpless baby. From the looks of this baby I'd say he could have lived possibly only two days more, maybe lingered on three. One can never tell about a case like this. Notice his little arms—how shriveled and tiny they are, and his legs no larger than my thumb; then look here at his stomach, how swollen it is. That's due to the fluids leaving the other parts of his body and going to his stomach. When his stomach finished eating the fluids which a starved person lives on, he would have died. Best thing for you people to do is to get this baby on. home as fast as you can, give him love and attention. Nothing we could do here would help him like love will do. Good luck, folks!"

    Things were happening fast in my new life. Next thing I knew I was in another big building, people came to stare at me as if I were some sort of sideshow freak. I wished these people who thought I was ugly could see me now. There was mighty nice people in that big building. That nice man that had come when little Sister and I had almost frozen to death last winter was there. He talked to my new parents and I. I want him to know that I thank him for everything that he has done to help me in my early baby life; also that he will forgive me for holding on as tight as I could to Mom-Mom's blouse when he wanted to take me to see me. I loved him, only I wanted the love of Mom-Mom right then, because all those people scared me. I wasn't used to so many strange people and all that attention. My new Daddy was by our sides all the time. I know he loved me too, because tears were in his eyes and he would keep repeating over and over, "You're going to be alright, little darling. . . . Daddy and Mom-Mom are going to take care of you, bless your little heart." It seemed as if we would never leave this building. I later found out it was the court house. We were waiting for the Judge to come and sign the papers, that the nice lawyer had written up. The young lawyer said he had a baby at home, too, and he showed Daddy how to fix my bottle so I could get my milk. When the Judge failed to return, the Sheriff finally went to get him so we could leave. My new Daddy was really a Servant of God, just like my vision of him. He was in a Revival at Pine Orchard, close to Rockwood, Tennessee, and was to be there at 7:30 P. M. that night. When the Sheriff returned with the Judge, the Judge picked up the papers that nice lawyer had written out, then reading the papers . . .

Clinton County Juvenile Court
 Special Term

June 21, 1950
    This day, at a special term of the Clinton County Juvenile Court called and held in Albany, Clinton County, Kentucky, it having been brought to the attention of the Court that the infant child of to wit: Name unknown and a male child about six months of age has been deserted by its mother, and left destitute and without care or help of any person, and that said infant child is without home or food, and the Court being unable to obtain admittance to any institution for said child, and there appearing in Court the Rev. D. H. Swafford and Mildred Swafford, husband and wife, of 404 Byrd Street, Harriman, Tennessee, and agreeing to take said infant child and care for it, and the Court being advised of the suitability of said applicants as to the proper persons to have the care and custody of said infant child, and there being an emergency in that said child is starving and without care and the Court being otherwise sufficiently advised . .

    He looked at the three of us standing in the presence of men, he reached into his pocket and took out his pen, signed the papers. "Thank you, Lord God" was on my lips, because I knew God had him to sign those papers. If God's people over in Albany, Kentucky, should read this story of mine, I am praying that you will remember these kind men when next election time rolls around, as each one played a part in helping one of God's little faded petals to have a chance to become a beautiful jewel. The Jailor's wife remembering my new parents' prayers for a little baby, the good county lawyers, that nice man the Sheriff, and last but not least the County Judge who signed the papers to unite the three of us into one family upon this earth. Walking down the court house steps we got into another car. I've wondered several times as I think about it, if there ever was another baby that had as many of God's people in the arrangements of their lives, as my past life was full of Satan's, devils this new life was inspired with God's people. There was the Jailor's wife, a Nazarene Preacher, my new Daddy a preacher, and the sweet lady who I've never told you about yet, but who took a part in the first days of my new life. She was a kind Christian woman. As we stepped into that car, lo and behold, guess what? There sat two more Baptist Preachers from Pine Orchard Community right there. Before we all drove off to leave the dark, dreary life behind me, they said, "God will use that baby for His work, there isn't a doubt in our minds." We made one stop between Albany, Kentucky, and Pine Orchard Church, where all three of God's men were to be in services that night. As we came to a stop several more people came to the car to look upon my parent's little baby boy. My parents seemed to be taking pride in showing me off. There came one big man who towered over all the others. I could tell he was anxious to see me. Mom-Mom was trying lo put some clean white clothes on over my little rusty body so I wouldn't look so bad, but just at that moment this great big man who looked like a giant to me decided to look at me, when he turned ghastly pale and said in these same words, "Yee-e God's Millie". That man turned out to be another Preacher. Later on I found out I was going to like him a lot. We play together and love one another now, and every time he comes to our house, I'm the first one he asks about. He happened to be my new Uncle Garth, Evangelist R. G. Swafford. One hour later that night we pulled into the church yard where Daddy was holding the Revival. The three Preachers got out of the car to go inside, while Sister Lewis and Mom-Mom tried to get me a little more presentable for the large crowd which had gathered in the church yard and inside the church. Everyone was anxious to see me as the word had already gone throughout-the Crab Orchard and Pine Orchard Community that the Preachers had gone with my Mom-Mom to get a little starved unwanted baby. In that little church house that night, June 21, 1950, my new parents dedicated me canto the Lord, asking Him to raise me for His glory. I've been told since, I had preached my first sermon there that night at Pine Orchard Church.

    After Church Services closed we went on a few miles further up the road, when we stopped in front of a house. With my starry eyes I could see an elderly couple lived there, as the lady took me into her arms, I could see she had sadness in her eyes and somehow I could read her thoughts; she believed my new parents would have me for only a few hours, then I would fade out of their lives. Tears began to swell up bigger until they began to flow down her cheeks because she knew Daddy and Mom-Mom wanted me so very much. While the elderly man kept saying, "God is surely sparing his life for some kind of work for Him upon this earth." I took a liking to both of them that night—good thing, too, as they turned out to be a part of my new life (my new Grandpa and Grandma Swafford).

    Before I go any further, I want you good people to know my other Grandparents in Dayton, Ohio. Grandma and Grandpa Brewer love me, too. Grandma Brewer came down to see me, with my Uncle Lloyd Brewer, right after I came into the lives of my parents. (They nicknamed me "Shorty"). I was getting pretty tired and sleepy, only this new life was so interesting, although too weak to make a noise or say anything, my wistful eyes never missed a movement anyone made, as I wanted to see everything going on about me. Late that night we came to a big white house and got out. I thought, "Where are we now?" Then when the door was opened I knew I'd come home at last. Water began to boil. Sister Lewis, Daddy and Mom-Mom all began working at once. Finally I laid for the first time in some pretty white clothes instead of a flower that had died and was turning into corruption, I now smelled like a new rose. I felt so good. When they gave me my nice warm milk in a new bottle with a nipple, no doubt they thought I behaved like some little pig with all the noise I made. God alone knows that was the best food I believe I ever tasted. Then they laid me in a little clean white bed. That night every time I'd move and open my eyes there would be Daddy and Mom-Mom sitting or standing over me with love and tears in their eyes, just like a vigil watch.

    Next morning while Mom-Mom was giving me a bath an aged man came in. Watching me, he said, "I can't do anything for him in his condition; he is in the hands of a just God. Continue to do what you've been doing and call me tomorrow morning and let me know his reactions. I'll be right over then." Next day instead of Daddy or Mom-Mom calling him they took me to see him. When he saw how well I was looking and that new life was beginning to flow through my body, he said, "Good! We'll start him on a tonic." He weighed me in at eight pounds, eleven ounces, at the age of six months. That good aged man took care of me once or twice a week. Many were the times when Daddy started to pay him, but he would say, "Ah, let's bail him out of jail." That sweet aged man, at the end of two months, was mighty proud of me. One time I recall him telling Daddy and Mom-Mom I was going to be a beautiful baby in a few months from now. God let him live long enough to save my little starved body and God, when you called that sweet kind aged man away into your Heavenly Kingdom, you took on one of the best friends I've ever known. Lord, thank you for sparing him these few months longer. I shall never forget him, not only as a Doctor but also God, he too, was one of your servants telling the lost about that wonderful Jesus the Lamb of God, that taketh away the Sins of this world. Yes, God took me out of the hands of Satan and gave me new life with all of God's people taking part in some way or another. Where will it all end? Friends, I don't know as yet I am only a little baby boy. I love Jesus—each morning I thank Jesus and pat him. Although only eleven months old, I can pick him out of all the priests and Doctors, Jesus was talking to in the temple at the age of twelve.

    Perhaps some day I, too, may tell the world about this wonderful Saviour who can give Sinners new life no matter how far down in Sin they may be. Though they are now starved and naked, the Blood of the Lamb can make them wear clean new garments. May the Dove of Peace have come to rest within each as you've read this life story of mine. If there is one Lost and doomed for that dreadful place called "Hell," won't you just now get down upon your knees wherever you may now be, without fear of what man may think and lay your life holy and acceptable before God? As that old song goes: "Just as I am without one plea but that your Blood was shed for me Oh Lamb of God I come, I come."

    Won't you accept Him now, Sinner Friend. God grant you won't turn His love away. Jesus loves you, He gave His life blood upon the cross for whosoever will may come and have new life and have it more abundantly.


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