In 1961 a mail carrier and pastor of a very small church attended a Sword of the Lord Conference, got on fire, gave up his route and set out to build a great soul-winning work for God. Forrest Hills Baptist Church of Decatur, Georgia, grew from 40 people into a membership of 7,900. In 1972 the church was recognized as the fastest-growing Sunday school in America; and the last four years of his pastorate there, the Sunday school was recognized as the largest one in Georgia.

After pastoring for 21 years, Dr. Hutson--the great soul winner that he was--became so burdened for the whole nation that he entered full-time evangelism, holding great citywide-areawide-cooperative revivals in some of America's greatest churches. As many as 625 precious souls trusted Christ in a single service. In one eight-day meeting, 1,502 salvation decisions were recorded.

At the request of Dr. John R. Rice, Dr. Hutson became Associate Editor of THE SWORD OF THE LORD in 1978, serving in that capacity until the death of Dr. Rice in 1980 before becoming Editor, President of Sword of the Lord Foundation, and Director of Sword of the Lord Conferences. Dr. Hutson was at the head of the Sword ministries when he passed away in March, 1995, all these ministries literally changing the lives of thousands of preachers and laymen alike, as well as winning many more thousands to Christ.



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