Books By Dr Jack Hyles

Letís Baptize More Converts                                                                                         

Blue Denim and Lace

How To Rear Children

Letís Build an Evangelistic Church

Meet the Holy Spirit

Letís Go Soul Winning

Strength and Beauty

Teaching on Preaching

Jack Hyles Speaks on Biblical Separation

Why the Blood Saves

The Church

Enemies of Soul Winning

Jack Hyles on Justice

Story Behind the Psalms

How to Boost Your Church Attendance

Kisses of Calvary and Other Sermons

How to Treat Different Types of Church Members

From Vapor to Floods

Woman the Completer

The Pastorís Heart

Blue Denim and Lace

Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out

A Brook in the Way

Compassion Makes a Difference

The Determinate Counsel

The Eyes of the Lord

False Bibles Ė An Enemy of Soul Winning

A Friend of Sinners

How to Fire the Preacher

Four Calls to Soul-Winning

The Christianís Hate Life

His Mercy Endureth Forever

Inferior Churches

Logic Must Prove the King James Bible

God and I Donít Always Agree

How to Argue With God and Win

I Am an Idea

How Not to Change

Misunderstood Repentance

Russian Roulette

The Salvation of a Nation

Seeing Him Who is Invisible

Jesus Had Short Hair

The Sowing, Growing and Knowing the Tares

A Treasure is in the Field

How To Rear Infants

Jack Hyles' Favorite Soul Winning Experiences

The Story Behind The Psalms

Satan's Bid for Your Child

Sex Education Program in Our Public Schools

Let's Study The Revelation

Grace and Truth






The Fundamental Top 500