The greatest need of America is the turning back to the faith of our forefathers, commonly called the Old Time Religion. The modern day popular conception of the Old Time Religion is a lot of emotion and much to do about nothing. But religion today with all of its reversions has filled the church with worldliness, modernism, and formality The cry of every born again saint of God should be "Lord, send a renewed case of the Old Time Religion."

    We need a religion that will restore to our people the old fashion fear of God in the human heart, and reverence for the name of God, such reverence that you will no longer hear the name of God taken in vain upon the lips of man — from the white house down in the sidewalks and in the places of business! Oh! my heart trembles when I hear how men in America, supposed to be Christian America, take the name of God in vain. Everywhere you go your blood is made to run cold with the irreverence and the lightness with which men use the name of God. O God, we need a religion that will restore reverence and fear of God to our people!

    We need a turning back to God that will stop the flood tides of sin, the lawlessness and ungodliness that are literally swamping our nation and World. We need a revival that will restore the love of chastity and purity and restore a moral conscience to our people. We need a faith that will put an end to moral conscience to our people. We need a faith that will put an end to the dead formalism in our churches and make them-soul winning stations for God, a faith that will set them on fire with the power of the Holy Spirit, that will break the hearts of our people for a lost world. We need a religion that will restore a sin consciousness to our people. We need a religion that will cause those who call themselves Christians to walk again with God, to separate themselves from the world, hold high the banner of righteousness, and real Christian living. Oh, how we need to seek again the old paths and walk in them, not merely because they are old, but because they are right. We need a religion that will restore our people to a sense of discrimination between right and wrong. Our people, both saved and unsaved, have all but lost their power to discriminate between that which is right and that which is wrong. The word of God says, "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isaiah 5:20) You know we are in a day when nobody thinks very much about sin. Sin has lost its exceeding sinfulness in the thinking of nearly everybody. Even the church members and leaders have lost their sense of sin.

    When one visits our modern church, he is led to believe sin is not black, that judgment is not so hot, and eternity is not so long. We have a lot of preaching but no power, a lot of singing but no feeling. People, it is true, give a superficial, hypocritical testimony that runs in one note of joy mainly self righteousness. Most people pray but their prayers have been written by someone else or their only purpose in praying is selfish.


    The Bible states that "Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap" and if we sow in simple faith by the word of God in our belief, in our living, and in our dying, God will set our hearts at peace.

    (1) The first fruit of the Old Time Religion is "it makes you love everybody." I John 3:14, "We know we have passed from death unto life because we love the brethern." When a man walks by the council of God in the faith of the righteous, he will love them that mistreat him and pray for them that despise and misuse him. No man can love the Lord and seek to do his will and live a holy life and hate his brother. So we see if a man has the Old Time Religion, he will naturally love everybody.

    (2) The second fruit that we call your attention to is "it will do when you are dying." When one gasps for breath and sees no value in the material things of this world as he steps through deaths' gate to eternity, he finds that the Master of the Old Time Religion stands close by his side. Yes, the things of this world grow strangely dim. The ambitions of the past swiftly fade away. When ones' stay on earth is ended, no one can go with him on his journey down deaths' valley. Thanks be unto God, faith in the Lord brings joy and comfort even in this dying hour.

    An aged Scotch mother lay dying, her husband sat by her side; she was ninety-three and he was ninety-five. They had been companions more than seventy years. When the darkness of death began to gather round her, she looked up into his face and said, "Donald, it's getting late isn't it?" He answered, "Yes, wife; it's getting late." "Donald, are the boys all in?" Yes, wife the boys are all in." The last one had gone home to glory more than fifteen years before. 'Husband, I'll soon be in too, Won't I?" "Yes, Janett, you'll soon be in." "Donald, will you be in soon?" "Yes, Janett, by the grace of God I'll be in soon." And the aged Scotch mother went home to be with Jesus.

    (3) The third fruit and wonderful result in walking in the faith of our Lord is "the gates of Heaven swing open and Jesus bids us come in." Yes, the Old Time Religion takes all the saints to Heaven. Within the heart of men there is a deep longing, a sincere desire, a heart-throbbing ambition that when his days are over in this old world, he might enter into the portals of Heaven. It is wonderful when we realize that this old-time way does not take us just part of the journey and leave us by the wayside, but it assures us of that home and that mansion that Jesus has gone to prepare for us.

    I have heard of a vessel on its way from Liverpool to New York that was caught in a storm, and it looked as though they would never live through it. People were crying and praying all over the ship, but there was one woman who had a more peaceful expression than any of the others; a man rushed up to her and said, "Lady, don't you know this is an awful storm that we will probably sink before morning, why aren't you praying?" The woman said, "Sir, I was just thinking. God never gave me but two children, two girls, Mary and Martha. Martha died a few years ago and went home to glory. Mary lives in New York, and I was just thinking, if the ship lives through this storm, when I get to New York, I'll see Mary, but if it sinks tonight, I'll see Martha; and I don't know which one I had rather see "


    (1) The Bible says in Romans 8:16 that "God's Spirit beareth witness with my spirit that I may know that I am a child of God." In I John 5:10 we read, "He that believeth on the Son of God has the witness in himself." We read also in Galatians 4:6 that "God has sent forth the spirit of his son into your hearts." As you go to church and hear the message of the Lord, God's spirit beareth witness with your spirit and you know that the Lord surely is speaking to you. When the choir sings the old fashion songs of Zion, the spirit of God beareth witness with your spirit. As some saint of the Lord seems to lift the roof with a sincere prayer, God's Spirit again beareth witness with your spirit. When you hear the cries of the lost multitudes on the road to Hell, God's Spirit will bear witness with your spirit. You will know that you are a child of God and see your duty as the Lord speaks to your heart.

    (2) Then you may know that you have the Old Time Religion because you are a new creation. Old things pass away and all things become new. The things you once hated, now you love; the things you once loved, now you hate. The one time empty pew in the church is now filled as at each service you find your way there. Your heart does not thrill at the folly and jazz of this age, but when you hear a song such as "There is a Fountain Filled With Blood" or "Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy," your cup runneth over.

    (3) Then you may know also that you are a child of God because you forsake not the assembling of yourself at the house of God. You love the reading of the word. You enjoy hearing the experiences of the saints in the past, the old songs that have lasted down through the ages. The church has a new meaning and your heart has a new place for the church.

    If a person has a simple child-like faith in believing the Bible, because the Bible is the word of God, living as it instructs, working by its directions, and trusting its author for all things therein, that is a good sign that he has the Old Time Religion. You might say that all people trust God in some way but I am speaking of a faith that forever looks to the Lord for not only the larger things but also the smaller things in poverty or prosperity, health or sickness, sorrow or happiness, disappointment or joy, conflict or comfort, you can say that man is trusting the Lord, our God.


    (l) In the Psalms the Psalmist declares, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so." I have often heard that a man's actions speak louder than his words. How true it is but how true many of our Christians take this literally and never speak for the Lord. As you turn the pages of the Bible, you find the prophets speaking the warnings of God, praising God for the blessings, and rejoicing for that blessed hope in the future. Today the Devil has shut and sealed too many of our Christians' mouths. In the average church, you will not find a half dozen who can stand and give a victorious testimony. All I can say is "God help our Christians who never show the world or testify to the world just how they stand and just whose side they are on."

    (2) In I Peter we read these words, "Be holy for I am holy." If I could get the Christians to realize the importance of these words and put them to practice in their lives, then we could tell whose side they are on and which master they serve. The main reason you cannot tell a saint from a sinner is the saint lives like the sinner. The average Christian is frightened and alarmed when someone mentions that each child of God should walk the holy way. In the way you live and the way you think, you must be holy looking to Jesus, our Lord. My advice to any Christian would be to love the Lord and seek the fellowship of God's children, to testify at any opportunity, to feast upon the word of God, and pray without ceasing.

    (3) The last thought that I give you on how others may know that you are saved is my Bible states, "be not conformed to this world" but I must admit that our so-called Christians have copied, cheapened, and conformed their ideas, their morals, and their lives after the place in California called Hollywood. No wonder you can't tell who is a Christian and who is not with the standards copied from this hellish place, lives which are conformed to their standards, customs portrayed by harlots and feud people living adulterous lives. Christians, if you ever expect to have power as a soul winner, to be forever in the hands of the Lord, to be an instrument in leading your fellowman, be not conformed to the things of this present world but be sober by night and live righteous daily in this present age.

    I have heard the story of three gamblers who while gambling one night, began talking of religion. One big ruffian did not believe there was such a thing as genuine Christianity, but another said, "I know there is, and if you will go with me I will show you one person in the city who has genuine salvation." A wager was made regarding it, and leaving the gambling den they made their way to an humble home. The man rapped loudly at the door, and a kind voice asked, "Who's there?' He replied, that it was her husband, that he had brought some friends home and for her to get up at once and fix them something to eat. The kind voice answered, "All right, I will be down in a minute." Presently a sad, but sweet-faced woman opened the door, whereupon the man followed by his friends walked in. Without introducing them, he turned on her with an oath, saying, "Now we are tired and hungry and we want something to eat, and be quick about it." She kindly said, "All right dear," and hurried away to the kitchen. The man pulled a table to the center of the room and gathering round it they renewed their game of cards; they forgot all about the issue, and why they were there, till there came floating into the room from the kitchen these words:

"Must Jesus bear the cross alone,
And all the world go free?

No there's a cross for everyone,
And there's a cross for me."

The big ruffian laid down his cards, but before he had time to speak, the words of another verse came floating in,

"The consecrated cross I'll bear,
'Till death shall set me free,

And then go home my crown to wear
For there's a crown for me."

    The big gambler looked across the table at the other men and said, "If that little woman has a religion that will enable her to sing like that when she has three drunken ruffians in her home and she waiting upon them, that is what I want," and he went down on his knees and the other men followed, and the three gave their hearts to God.


    We read that Enoch walked with the Lord. God is still desiring that men would walk with him moment by moment. If we would walk side by side with the Lord Jesus, then some of our troubles and heartaches would vanish; but we are prone to wonder from the side of our Saviour and a great many times we find that we have left the Saviour far behind. In Daniel, we read of three men whom I believe had the Old Time Religion. Their names are Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. These men set forth an example of faith that you and I should have, the kind that does not waver at every bump in the road, but a faith that can stare even the fire of a furnace in the face and cry, "My God is able to deliver." Also in that blessed book, the author is portrayed as a man that walked after the desire of our Lord. Daniel shall never be forgotten. His backbone was strong enough, his faith was deep enough, and his courage sufficient to stare hungry lions in the face.

    Also as a final example, let us look into the face of a dying preacher called Stephen. His faith was so great, his sincerity so deep, and his love for God so strong that he stood for his conviction and my Bible reads that his face shown as that of an angel. Stephen was a man that had Old Time Religion.

    In concluding this message of by-gone faith, I hope that you too would like to slip back to the old country church and join in with the saints of yesterday. The preacher would probably preach loud and long and he would have no fear of man before his eyes. The choir without their robes would lift you up to the portals of Heaven. When it would come time for prayer, the one who prayed would shake the church as Pentecostal power would fill your midst. At the close, everyone would join in "Come Ye Sinners Poor and Needy." The young and old would kneel at the altar and cry, "Lord, be merciful unto me, a sinner." At the end of the service, the people would smile at each other and with a warm word of comfort, bid blessings upon the other. These people did not know much about theology and the organizations of our modern church. but they knew God; they had joy; and they had peace that most of us do not have.

    Evangelist Rice tells how a friend of his in Chicago who had lived a life of sin and shame, was converted one night in a mission. After he was saved he brought his old mother to Chicago to live with him, and when she would go down lo the mission and they would give an opportunity to quote scripture, she would always quote, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shallow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me." But there came a time when his mother was no longer able to attend the mission, and he knew that her time was short. One day the doctor who had charge of her case said to him, "If you have anything to say to her, you had better do it now, for she can't last much longer." He went over to her bed, and said, "Mother, do you know the condition you are in?" She answered, "yes, son, I know I'll never get well." He said, "Mother, I have heard you talk so many times about Jesus being with you in the valley; how is it now?" She answered "I never felt His presence more in all my life." Again he said, "Mother, I want to put it to a test, and I am going to ask you from time to time if He is with you, I want you to let me know by a word or a look, and when you step into the boat and start out across the river, if Jesus is with you then, I want you to press my hand." Presently he bent over her and asked, "How is it now?" and she said, "Each moment He grows sweeter than He ever was before." Again he whispered, "Mother, is He with you ?" She couldn't speak but smiled as if to say, yes, I feel His presence near. The physician came over and held her pulse; her son got on his knees and took her hand in his; his wife knelt on the other side of the bed and held the other hand; the moments flew swiftly by, then the physician whispered, "She's gone." When he did, his wife, with tears streaming down her cheeks said, "Husband, she is pressing my hand " and he answered, "Yes, thank God and she is pressing mine."

    Maze Jackson